Soft Toy Workshop

Soft Toy Workshop

Thursday 13th April

(Ages 7-12)

There's nothing kids love more than a cuddly critter friend they created all by themselves. How about creating your very own cuddly easter bunny!

Along the way they learn how to design, create, draw, cut out, sew, and fill using recycled materials.

At the end of this workshop they will have learnt some great design and sewing skills and get to take their new creation home!

Price is per person

All materials and tools included.

Bring lunch/ snack to have in the garden.

About your Tutor

Rosie Pascoe is an artist and designer with over 15 years experience in doing much with little. Looking for a way to fulfil her creative drive – without adding to the excesses of our world, Rosie has developed ways of breathing new life into waste materials and found objects to create beautiful works of art. Rosie also has a background in community work and sees the role of arts practice as integral in the development healthy individuals and communities.
Price: $37