Pilates Classes

Pilates Classes

Friday 3:45-4:45pm
(Fri 20 October – Fri 15 December)
(9 weeks)

Description: The Pilates method is a wonderful training method that involves both the mind and the body. Pilates Mat Classes are a great way to lengthen and strengthen the body at the same time. A lot of people suffer from back pain and inflexibility due to our modern lifestyle and that is the result of having a weak “powerhouse” or core. The Pilates method includes a series of exercises specifically designed to build a strong “powerhouse” thus resulting in a more balanced, more flexible and much stronger body.

A Pilates mat class leaves you feeling stronger, taller and very invigorated. Concentration, Control, Centering, Breath, Flow and Precision are the guiding principles to this wonderful method of movement. Most of all it is a lot of fun as it is meant to be as dynamic as possible!

$20 per mat class session or
$160 per term for 9 weeks if doing one session per week


Contact info: Tania 0499 752 331 or
bluewavepilates@gmail.com or
Blue Wave Pilates on Facebook

Teacher Bio

My name is Tania Maalouf and I started teaching Pilates back in 2005. I had just finished my Cert 3 in Group Exercise Training and while teaching Cardio classes, discovered the whole new world of Pilates when I was hired to by a Pilates studio that also taught fitness classes. I then did some courses overseas and in Australia and then did the formal training to become a comprehensive instructor with Balanced Body while I was living overseas.
I am also currently training in the classical method at Cynthia Lochard’s Pilates Method Studio in Sydney. I currently teach at Pilates Connection in Lane cove, Sydney a couple of days a week and have been doing that for the past 3 years. I also taught pilates at the Chatswood Pilates studio and at Pilates International studios in Hunters Hill and Pymble. I also have my own little semi studio in Wentworth Falls Podiatry.
I truly believe that Pilates is one of the very few methods of training that doesn’t become repetitive and boring because it truly needs the mind to be fully engaged with the body and the better you get at it, the deeper you can go into the engagement of your muscles.