Artists’ Studios

Selena Seifert

Selena began her career studying at the National Art School in Sydney followed by a Bachelor of Art Education at COFA.

Her work is held in collections in Australia and overseas, and she has worked on many commissions and mural projects including a mosaic mural for the Oberon Visitors centre, and also a 75 square meter mural in Surry Hills commissioned by the Sydney City Council.

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Selena seifert


James Blackwell

The onslaught, pace and ubiquity of change in modern life has said to have altered the way our brains are being wired. Our ability and need to adapt to this continuous flux leaves us reaching out for something concrete,
something familiar, and something certain. My art practice is an attempt to reestablish a connection with nature and offer pause and reflection in an intimate space as an antidote to the barrage of stimulation, which has taken
host in our ever-evolving technological world.
The elements, which make up the matrix of my work represents our interconnectedness with our environment. My artwork is not
representational in any sense, but still it represents to me, the landscape in its undulating form, colour, symmetry and rhythm.
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Simon Taylor

Simon Taylor’s practice extends notions of nature and landscape by focusing on a subtly fluid drip mark informed by the completion of an Environmental Science degree, long periods spent as a child in far western outback New South Wales, and both Western and Indigenous Australian abstraction. These marks when combined in various ways form a language that creates fields of energy that can transform into a variety of natural forms at both a macro and micro level. It is a way to connect with and feel nature. Since 2005 he has been included in several important group shows including the Fisher’s Ghost Art Award 2012, Redland Art Awards, Redland Art Gallery, Queensland, 2010, ABN Amro Art Prize, ABN Amro Building Sydney and Melbourne 2007 and Flaming Youth, Orange Regional Gallery, Orange, NSW 2006 and Redlands Westpac Art Prize, Mosman Art Gallery, Sydney 2005 (Invitation only). He holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honours – First Class) and Masters of Fine Arts from the College of Fine Arts, UNSW. He has held 5 solo shows since 2007. Taylor’s recent work is informed by an extended residency in the centre of Australia.

Simon Taylor is represented by Martin Browne Contemporary.

Simon Taylor artwork


Helane Steinmüller

Helane won a scholarship in 1974 to study architecture in Japan. It was to prove her undoing. Mesmerised by the possibilities, she abandoned all plans of making obscene amounts of money designing buildings and became, instead, a humble artist and artisan.
Searching the globe- Japan, the Middle East, America and Europe, for the details of ancient and natural techniques of drawing, painting, ceramics and textiles became a lifelong adventure. Helan now practises her arts deep in the Blue Mountains bush drawing portraits of local wildlife and the occasional domesticated human; decorating cloth with rice paste resist, indigo and natural pigments using the gentle Japanese techniques of yuzen, tsutsugaki and katazome; and recycling vintage Japanese cloth with the Japanese and Korean methods of boro and bojagi. Her work with natural pigments has also recently seduced her into experimenting with the pre-Renaissance technique of painting with egg tempera.